White Dresses for Bridesmaids

If you are looking to have a light bright wedding, consider using white as the focal point. And what better way to do that than by putting your bridesmaids in white. White Bridesmaid Dresses! However, let you be very clear, we are not talking about having your girls upstage you. This is your big day and you are the star! Your dress should still have more white and be more dramatic and detailed than whatever dresses you choose to put them in. White really brightens up your day and makes other colors pop against it. So how do you pull off this look? Read on to find out how.

Dressing your bridesmaids in white can be done with a lot of taste. Expect to see this light bright look for weddings. Hope you love this look and order your custom white bridesmaid dresses.

we suggest is to add accents in the contrasting color you have chosen. Perhaps add a colored satin bow around the waist to bring in a bright splash of color. You could keep it simple with a narrow ribbon and a simple bow or knot at the side, or bring in some drama with a wide taffeta waist wrap that ties in a big bold bow at the back. You could also add a bright colored flower pin on the waist or on the top. Flower pins can be made of realistic silk flowers or funky edgy fabric flowers. And for the bride, she should keep her look completely white from head to toe, or really turn the tables with a wedding dress made from a pale almost white shade of the bridesmaid's accent color. So if the maids are wearing white with Bright Pink, try a super pale pink ball gown with some bright white accents.

Another way to incorporate white is to choose dresses with a white bodice. The bodice is then offset with a colored or printed skirt and possibly a colored or printed midriff wrap. This type of dress will look incredibly unique since it might be hard to find off the rack, so you may want to use a custom design dresses. When using dresses like this, the Bride can still be totally in white, however it's easy to bring in an accent color and still be distinguished as the bride.

If you are a brave, bold trendsetter, put the girls in completely white short dresses, and make all their accessories in a color. From the shoes, to the jewelry to the flowers, the beautiful colored accessories you choose will look amazing as they pop against the white. We recommend over accessorizing with this look. Use long dramatic colored necklaces, chandelier earrings and eye grabbing styles that will get all the attention over the dress. The bride should be in a white long dress, with all white accessories, no color on the bride at all.

If you like the look of white, but you are still scared that you might scare grandma, then put the girls in colored dresses and use all white accessories. Try a white bow at the waist, white shoes, jewelry, and hair accessories. With this look the bride can be opposite, with a white dress and accessories in the color. You could even choose a dress with bold colored embroidery.